About us

Black Templars a posted Apr 27, 17

Welcome to the Black Templars!

We were founded in 2013 as a Shadow Era Guild, with the goal of dominating the competitive scene of the game. Our mission as a part of the SE community is to be a Guild that helps the game grow in a friendly atmosphere. It is through this connection that we seek to have fun together. Though we are a Guild formed by and mostly made up of competitive players, we also accept those who just wish to play occassionaly and new players with the will to learn the game. 

We dont have any special requirements, just be active and friendly and we will be glad to have you in the team. Be aware that being in BT will require an appropriate behaviour from you in relation to the community.

We have a leadership team composed by 5 experienced members. You can find them in game with the following names: BT Sigismund, BT InzektrHornet, BT FizzyBurnsRed, BT Zotti, BT Lylianah and BT Jagmaster. Feel free to also contact any of the leaders on Telegram with the following usernames: @BTSigismund, @BTInzektrHornet, @FizzyBurnsRed26, @BTZotti, @BT_Lylianah and @Jagmaster.

We look forward to have fun together with you so don't hesitate to contact us if you feel like joining!

BT Azrath Yoooooooooooo the guild of 18 world champion!
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